Wednesday, November 29

Teachers urged to work together for curriculum devt


Ting (fifth left) officiates at the closing ceremony of the orientation programme 2018.

MIRI: Teachers of SMK Chung Hua Miri are encouraged to work together for academic and curriculum development towards ‘Learning to Learn 2.0’.

School board of directors’ chairwoman Tai Sri Datuk Paduka Chai Yu Lan in a speech read by her representative Rita Ting said the education system is slowly moving towards the pursuit of excellence in curriculum with the goal of producing wholesome individuals and to promote lifelong learning.

“SMK Chung Hua emphasises values in education, self-directed learning, IT in education and STEM (Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics education) education.

“Therefore, the effort by teachers, principal as well as supportive parents are important for wholesome development of young talent today, grooming them for future leadership, and most importantly raising fine benevolent and caring young persons with benevolent minds and caring hearts,” said Chai in her speech, during the academic and co-curriculum excellence prize presentation cum orientation closing ceremony recently.

Thus, to all who have excelled academically and in co-curriculum, Chai congratulated them for their outstanding achievements and remarkable personal growth.

“I have no doubt that every one of you will excel in your future roles and make contributions to the future well-being of our society, our nation and the world at large, but always bear in mind that the key to success in life is not to get ahead of other people, but to get ahead of ourselves.”

The Academic and Co-Curriculum Excellence Prize Presentation ceremony witnessed a total of 319 students receiving prizes for their  achievement in the UPSR examination and Co-curriculum; Secondary 1 and 2’s academic and co-curriculum excellence; PT3 (for single Chinese subject and for overall subjects) and orientation programme.

The ceremony was also attended by vice-chairman of Chung Hua Parent Teacher Association (PTA), Dr Jack Wong Siew Yu; president of School Alumni Association Lee Thin Hin; Principal Albert Ong Ngee Hong; Vice-principal Lai Jia Ling; senior assistant of Students Affairs Department Anthony Raj; and senior assistant of Co-curricular Department Anthony James.