Monday, April 22

Sebuyau folk affected by flood resort to social media to appeal for help


KUCHING: Some of the rural populace in Sebuyau who are affected by flood have resorted to the social media to appeal for help and prayer for divine intervention as they pour their heart out on the extend of damage caused by the flood.

A lady who works at GiatMara Sebuyau, using a Facebook account with the name of “Kak Eton” was among the first who posted in the social media today seeking for volunteers to help her clean the skills training institute.

“Kak Eton needs help and assistance tomorrow, as the water level in the office is at my waist and will not drain out unless being scooped out. Timbers (huge one) are everywhere outside the office, if you are asking to be paid, I don’t have the money and surrender now. I can only afford buying each of you ‘nasi lemak’ as a token,” she posted, adding that she needs water pump, brooms,  mop and scoop.

She even posted photographs of a badly affected building, claiming that the photo was taken at 5pm yesterday, and is not the latest one. She believed that the extend of the damage to the building should be much more now after the King Tide and flood last night.

Another villager with the account name of “Laman Sonoy” also posted the serious damage caused by floods at her house, besides the badly damaged road and high water level in the river near her house.

“I am still in trauma, I have not visited the house myself. These photographs are from my relatives who visited my house,” she posted.

Syafiqah Saifuldin also posted photographs and video of her family home being barricaded with concrete wall, but that was not high enough to prevent water from entering their house.

All that she could write on Facebook was praying for divine help to ease the suffering of her family and protect them from further difficulties.

A teacher who lives in Kampung Seberang Sebuyau, Sharifah Fatimah said she was very worried upon seeing the river not far from her house swelling and the wave splashing on the river bank and her staircase.

“We have never seen water level that is this high in many years, we are very worried. Please pray for us,” she said.

Some of her friends advised her to check with the authority be prepared for evacuation.