Monday, June 17

Avita enters Malaysian market with wide range of new laptops


Image credit: WTN.Today

AVITA has officially entered the Malaysian market today. Avita Liber series come with range of colorful laptops that aims to combine performance with passion.

AVITA, the newest lifestyle tech brand from the U.S. is entering the Malaysian market for the first time by unveiling AVITA LIBER, a stylish range of laptops that combines performance with fashion.

The AVITA LIBER series delivers technology in trendsetting style suiting every possible personality. Built with design and ease of use in mind, the laptop is by default lightweight (from 1.37kg) and sports a sleek casing which measures 5mm at its thinnest point. The AVITA LIBER comes in two display sizes of 13.3” and 14” with a FHD (1920×1080) resolution. Battery life lasts up to 10 hours to accommodate every day needs.

AVITA LIBER is also equipped with a multi-functional USB-C port which supports quick charge, data transfer and display connectivity. Two USB 3.0 ports are also available for connecting different devices and accessories to extend versatility. Last but not least, expect speediest online capabilities with its Bluetooth 4.0 and 802.11ac Wi-Fi.

The AVITA LIBER retails from RM1,799 to RM4,399 and will be available exclusively at Notebook Pro in Digital Mall, Petaling Jaya, Selangor starting from 10 February 2018. The AVITA LIBER range will also be sold at the AVITA Pop-up Store in Low Yat Plaza, Kuala Lumpur on 10 and 11 February 2018. More store openings are expected in March 2018. Further news and updates can be found on AVITA’s official website and Facebook page.

As part of the launch rollout, Avita is offering its 13.3in model at RM688, an introductory discount for a whopping RM2,299 to the first 50 customers who purchase from its popup store in Low Yat Plaza or Digital Mall outlet, on Feb 10.