Thursday, June 4

Pageant finalists go all traditional during ‘Miss Cultural’ session at Rh Sg Ukong


The finalists of Miss Grand Miri 2018 in various traditional costumes, representing the diverse ethnic communities of Sarawak.

MIRI: Sixteen finalists are vying for the ‘Miss Cultural’ subsidiary title of the inaugural Miss Grand Miri 2018.

Recently, the young women attended a session at Rumah Sungai Ukong near Lambir here, where they showcased exquisite traditional costumes representing the diverse communities of Sarawak.

The contestants – Ellica Amit who is an Iban aged 17, Saira Natasha (Iban, 21), Sweethy Chong (Chinese-Bisaya, 22), Monisha Winnie (Iban-Penan, 21), Jennifer Sim (Chinese-Kelabit, 17), Joana Sapok (Kenyah-Iban, 20), Rina Easter (Iban, 22), Lilian Ulai (Lunbawang-Kenyah, 21), Rachelle Wong (Chinese-Kayan, 21), Quyyns Evysia (Bidayuh-Melanau-Rungus, 23), Cecilia Thomas (Iban, 24), Mariana Puyang (Kenya-Kayan-Kelabit, 21), Vanessa Gilbert (Iban-Bidayuh, 22), Celestia Unyang (Bidayuh Berawan, 17), Cendida Gadung (Kayan, 18), and Daryl Shalini (Berawan-Iban, 18) – were judged on their appearance, catwalk, costume and also knowledge about the traditional ensemble worn by Tuai Rumah Nuja Tinsui, Penghulu Randi and Tuai Rumah Linggie Belaja.

The title winner will be announced during the grand finale of the pageant, set to be staged at Meritz Hotel here on Feb 10.

Apart from ‘Miss Cultural’, other subsidiary titles are ‘Miss Confident’, ‘Miss Favourite’, ‘Miss Ethnic Beads’, ‘Miss Talent’, ‘Miss Congeniality’, ‘Miss Intelligent’, ‘Miss Lasoul Miri’, ‘Miss Social Media’, ‘Miss Natural Beauty’, ‘Miss Best Make Up’, ‘Miss Catwalk’, ‘Miss Body Beautiful’ and ‘Miss Photogenic’.

Miss Grand Miri 2018 is organised by Brenda and Brandan’s Art Paradise – a non-governmental organisation (NGO) engaged in beauty pageants – and is endorsed by Miri City Council.

“Our vision is to play an important role in the pageant industry and also boost economic growth in Miri. We are looking forward to training these beauties from different age and ethnic backgrounds, in the hope that they would represent Miri well at state-level pageants and beyond.

“Miss Grand Miri is not just about beauty – we’re searching for a winner who is smart, independent and has high level of confidence,” said pageant director Brandan Peter.

Leading up to the finale, the contestants took part in several activities including a Visit Miri Year 2018 showcase, the opening of Miri Handicraft Centre’s new building, as well as make-up classes and photoshoots.

They also took part in a ‘gotong-royong’ (work party) at Miri Association for Physically Challenged Individuals (Pokufm) Centre.

For more information about the pagenat, visit ‘Brenda and Brandan’s Art Paradise’ Facebook fan page.