Thursday, August 13

PBDS Baru: Pig mascot symbolises unification of Dayaks


SRI AMAN: The pig has been chosen as the mascot of the Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak Baru (PBDS Baru) for the 14th General Election as the animal has a deep meaning in the Dayak custom, said party information chief Bobby William.

In response to criticisms by some quarters who claimed that the selection of the animal had offended the sensitivities of some races, he said the pig also symbolised the unification of the various Dayak tribes in Sarawak.

Bobby also recalled the Kapit peacemaking ceremony involving several tribes that took place in 1924 at Fort Sylvia and started with the killing of one pig which then marked the historic unification of the Dayak community in the state and ended the ‘ngayau’ (headhunting) tradition.

“We must remember the good deeds and sacrifices of Temenggong Koh Anak Jubang and past leaders in bringing together the Dayak people,” he said, adding that according to the beliefs of the Dayak, a pig was an intermediary between them and the ‘Petara’ (creator).

As such, he hoped that all parties could understand and show their respect towards the custom and traditions of the Dayak ethnic group as well as accept the selection of the pig as the party’s mascot with an open heart. — Bernama