Monday, May 25

Two separate cases of alleged amok reported in Miri


MIRI: Two separate cases of alleged amok that occurred recently had been reported to the Miri District Police for further actions to be taken.

On Feb 2 at 8pm, a man in Senadin area, believed to be under the influence of alcohol, ran amok after being scolded by his neighbour for making loud noises as her two-year-old daughter was sleeping.

In rage, the 30-year-old suspect hit the neighbour’s husband, 40, on his left elbow and back of his head with a piece of wood, resulting in the man sustaining light injury on the elbow.

The suspect also took a knife and threatened to kill the man.

“Although they had no previous misunderstandings, fearing for their safety, the neighbour’s husband then lodged a police report so that the police could conduct investigation and take legal action against the suspect,” a report from the Miri Police said yesterday.

In another incident, a senior citizen from Rumah Rajit Sg Bekelit, Ulu Bekenu lodged a police report on Feb 4 that his 27-year-old grandson ran amok when confronted over his aggressive behaviour.

In the incident that occurred on Jan 26 at around 8pm at a house no. 15 in the village, the suspect had run amok and prevented his grandfather from coming home by threatening that he would hit him if he returned home.

“Since the day of the incident, the grandfather was forced to sleep in the neighbours’ house for safety reason,” the police said.

The suspect, believed to be under the influence of drug, also acted aggressively and also disturbed others in the village.

“Thus the victim decided to lodge a police report so that investigation could be conducted under Section 506 of the Penal Code,” the police added.