Friday, March 22

It ain’t over till it’s over — Miri FA


Miri FA squad who are determined to win their uphill battle.

MIRI: Miri FA are confident of defying the odds when they face Tawau in their Group D match of the national-level Liga Bolasepak Rakyat (LBR) this Saturday.

Pointing to Tawau’s narrow victory when they last met, Miri squad leader Mohamad Hakimi Man assured that the team is fully committed to win despite Tawau being undefeated in their three previous matches.

“Tawau have beaten us 1-0 at home, so it is possible if we can also make a surprise by defeating Tawau in their own field,” he said here yesterday.

The morale of Miri FA players is high after they defeated Keningau on Feb 10 at home.

“Keningau, Kuching-Gedong Gators and Miri FA each have equal opportunities to qualify for the quarter-finals,” Hakimi stressed while acknowledging that Miri FA needs to win their three remaining matches to stay in the competition.

“We do not care if Tawau have won all the previous matches, but we need to grab three full points to continue to compete in Group D,” he added.

Miri FA play Tawau at the main stadium of Tawau Sports Complex this Saturday at 7.45pm.

They will then be up against Kuching-Gedong Gators at home on March 3 at the Petroluem Recreational Club (KRP) field at 4.15pm.