Tuesday, February 18

Minister launches Digital Al-Quran in Banjar Language


Banjarmasin: Minister of Religious Affairs Lukman Hakim Syaifuddin launched the digital version of the Quran translated into Banjar language at the Antasari State College’s (UIN) campus, Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan, on Monday, Antaranews reported.

Minister declared, the digital version of the holy Quran translated into Banjar language is the first time for the local language in Indonesia.

“So we are very appreciative of the creativity of translation of Al-Quran into the local language version of digital applications from campus UIN Antasari,” he said.

He stated the translation of the Holy Qur’an into the local language, one of which the Banjar language, should be addressed wisely because the local language is the mother tongue for the people of this country. Thus, he added, the divine word of God contained in the holy book can be understood by all the layers of the adherents, because Indonesia has a variety of ethnic and language.

He mentioned that there have been 12 translations of the Quran into local languages made by the Ministry of Religious Affairs, prior to the Banjar language, among them Banyumasan, Central Java,Sasah, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB), Makasar, and Toraja.

“There are three more plans, namely into the language of Bugis, Palembang, and Sunda,” he said.

Deputy Governor of South Kalimantan H Rudy Resnawan expected, translation of Al-Quran into Banjar language that can be accessed via android cell-phone will be more socialized the holy book in the land of Banjar with the majority of Islam.

“This is a good work and innovative, we provincial government really appreciate, because this UIN campus belongs to the people of South Kalimantan,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Rector of UIN Antasari Banjarmasin Prof. H Mujiburrahman stated, the translation of Al-Quran into the Banjar because the language of Banjar entered the top 10 most spoken languages in Indonesia.

In addition, he said, about 99 percent of Banjar people are Muslim, until the holy book is very important for their life guidelines.

“The idea of making this version of the digital app comes from the Minister of Religious Affairs. I post a photo with the minister on Facebook, it turns out to be viral, many ask how and where to buy,” he said.

Besides launching the translation of the holy book of Al-Quran in Banjar version of the digital application, Lukman Hakim Syaifuddin also inaugurated the new building of UIN Anrasari Banjarmasin for the Faculty of Economics and Islamic Business.