Wednesday, May 22

‘Sarawak only’ for Sarawakians in Sukma


KUCHING: All Sarawakian-born athletes are urged to represent the state and not other states in the Malaysia Games (Sukma).

There is a history of some athletes who ended up not representing their state of origin in Sukma.

So far there is no such case of a Sarawak-born athlete representing another state but state sports officials are keen to prevent any from happening in future.

According to Assistant Minister of Youth and Sports Datuk Snowdan Lawan, there is also no reason why Sarawakian-born athletes should represent other states as the state have programmes for its athletes which are as good as the ones found in any other state in the country.

Speaking during a press conference held at the Stadium Negeri yesterday, he stressed that the state is doing their best to keep Sarawakian athletes happy and not go away and represent other states, especially for the 2018 Sukma to be held in Perak.

But Sarawak athletes, he added, must also understand that the state has its own procedures in grooming and selecting its athletes.

“We nevertheless try to keep everyone happy while we hope that we will not lose our athletes, especially our best ones. We want to them to serve and represent only the state apart from having a sense of identity for Sarawak,” the Assistant Minister said.