Monday, March 25

Giant grouper fetches nearly RM10,000


Fong (right) assisted by his friend to transfer the fish to the buyer’s car.


SIBU: A grouper as heavy as 118kg was sold at RM9,440 to a businessman here this morning.

A fishmonger from Rejang Park here, Fong Wei Chung said the fish was caught by an angler in Sematan near Lundu yesterday.

Fong, 42, said he drove to Sematan yesterday to buy the fish and then returned to Sibu.

He said such a big catch by fishermen in Sematan was not unusual to him.

He bought a grouper weighing more than 200kg before, he added.


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Giant grouper fetches nearly RM10,000

Giant grouper fetches nearly RM10,000. Read more:

Posted by Borneo Post Online on Rabu, 28 Februari 2018