Saturday, October 1

Julaihi: State plans more development for Sebauh


Julaihi (seated centre) is seen in a photo call after the dialogue. Dr Jerip is on Julaihi’s left.

BINTULU: The state government is in the planning stages of bringing more development to Sebauh so that it can become a more modern and progressive district.

Assistant Minister of Coastal Road Datuk Julaihi Narawi said the state is aware of the district’s potential for growth due to its strategic location.

“The state government is aware and acknowledges the potential of Sebauh to enjoy further development due to its proximity to other areas like Kapit, Belaga, Baram, and Miri. So the government is planning to bring more development to further transform the area.

“Transforming Sebauh will also be in line with Sebauh being elevated to district status on Aug 1, 2015,” said Julaihi, who is Sebuyau assemblyman, during a dialogue with local elected representatives and community leaders on Tuesday.

He said feedback and suggestions from the dialogue were necessary to ensure the Batang Kemena bridge project brings maximum benefits to the locals.

Julaihi added that Sebauh folk, who used to rely on ferry services, would enjoy greater convenience upon the completion of the bridge project, which is directly linked to the Pan Borneo Highway.

“There will be plenty of spin-offs for socioeconomic development brought by the Batang Kemena bridge project to benefit the people in Sebauh,” he said.

He also pointed out that the government will improve the coastal road stretching from Lundu, to Asajaya, Sadong Jaya, Sebangan, Sebuyau, Pusa, Kabong, Daro, Matu, Kuala Balingian, and Jepak in Bintulu.

Julaihi said the 42km coastal road would also link Jepak and Sebauh.

The coastal road would benefit farmers and fishermen in the areas, enabling them to easily transport their produce for sale, he said.

Among those present at the dialogue were Assistant Minister of Transportation Datuk Dr Jerip Susil, Bintulu Resident Jack Aman Luat, Acting Bintulu District Officer William Manggoi, and Bintulu divisional engineer Lau Pit Hwa.