Saturday, December 14

Bhabinkamtibmas raids teenagers having syabu-syabu party


BANJARMASIN, S Kalimantan: A bhabinkamtibmas (a public order police assigned in an urban village) caught some teenagers red handed while having methamphetamine or syabu-syabu party, AntaranewsKalsel reported.

The bhabinkamtibmas got an information from local residents of Banua Anyar Urban Village, East Banjarmasin, about the party. He quickly responded and found the teenagers.

“Four teenagers have been secured while having drug party in a house Saturday night (3/3),” Banjarmasin Police Chief Sr Comr Anjar Wicaksana said, Sunday.

The four are MF (22), HD (17), HR (18) and MR (16). In the raid found a tool to consume sabu-sabu, bong.

On the report of his members, East Banjarmasin Police Chief Comr HM Uskiansyah ordered the combined function and mobile detective headed by Crime Detective Unit Chief Second Insp. Timuryono to the scene.

“During the search we found a small package of narcotics type of sabu-sabu and one glass pipette still have the remaining of syabu-syabu,” said Anjar.

Then from the findings of the evidence, the perpetrators acknowledged  the goods are theirs by way of each joint venture Rp25.000.

“They are charged with Act No.35/2009 on Narcotics as a drug abuser,” said city police chief.