Sunday, August 25

Ditreskrimsus uncovers fraudulent practices of LPG agent


BANJARMASIN, S Kalimantan: The South Kalimantan Police’s Directorate of Special Crime (Ditreskrimsus) have uncovered fraudulent practices of subsidized 3 kg LPG agents, Antaranews reported.

“The perpetrators did not distribute the gas cylinders to the base, but sold them to other parties at a high price,” explained Deputy Director of Special Crime Adj Sr Comr (AKBP) Sugeng Riyadi in Banjarmasin on Monday.

MH’s suspicious practice was sniffed when the officers found a large number of 3 Kg LPG cylinders in Aldi Kiosk at Sari Indah Complex, Sungai Lulut Village, Sungai Tabuk Subdistrict, Banjar District, on Friday (2/3).

“When asked, the perpetrator can not show the license for trading and license for gas storage of subsidized 3 Kg LPG,” he said during the exposure of suspect and evidence.

The perpetrator is a driver assigned by LPG gas distributor PT Akomigas in charge of distributing 3 Kg gas cylinders from agents to 19 bases in the city of Banjarmasin.

But in fact, the gas was bought by the suspect at a price of Rp19,000 per canister to the base owner. Then the LPG is transported to his kiosk for sale to traders and retailers for Rp25,000.

“Another mode, the perpetrator without the knowledge of the owner of the base directly transport the gas to his stall, then deposit money to the agent at Rp14.750 per canister along with the fake letter and stamp as if the gas has been received at the base,” said Sugeng accompanied by Head of Sub-directorate I of Industry, Trade, and Investment (Indagsi) Adj Sr Comr (AKBP) H Suyitno Ardhi.

From the action that has been going on since 2014, Sugeng added, the suspect in a month can sell 3,000 canisters of 3 kg LPG.

When secured, police found 132 canisters of contained 3 Kg LPG  and 717 empty canisters and 12 bases seals forged by the suspect.

The disclosure of dishonest practices of the distributor worker even made the police collect the owners of the base to be advised to report if not get the supply of gas in a long time.