Tuesday, April 23

Tabalong to produce 8,800 tons Keramba Fish


TANJUNG, S Kalimantan: The Tabalong administration targets fish production of floating cage (keramba) fish cultivation by 8,800 tons or higher than the previous year, AntaranewsKalsel reported.

Head of Production and Cultivation Division of the agency Rahmani in Tanjung on Monday said the previous year the production of keramba fish cultivation is only 6,043 tons.

“Fish production cycle for cultivation of keramba does vary depending on the quality of river water,” said Rahmani.

It is proven by the decrease of production from 6,358 tons to 6,043 tons, although the cultivation area increased.

In Banua Lawas Sub-district and surrounding areas, which is the center of fish culture, recorded 1,424 keramba still in production.

Almost 37 percent of floating cage cultivation centered in this fish center and total business keramba in Tabalong amounted to 3.851.

Meanwhile, the naming of Banua Lawas as a fish farming area of floating cage fish (keramba) was in 1999 along with fish seed areas in Kambitin and Kambitin Raya.

One villager of Sei Anyar, Banua Lawas, Syahrani said that the fish cage business is only for fish and pomfret.

“Because the quality of river water decreases, the farmers no longer cultivate goldfish,” explained Syahrani.