‘Pray and Labour’ to scale new heights


Hii Chang Kee

SIBU: SMK Sacred Heart’s motto ‘Pray and Labour’ continues to motivate the school to scale new heights, according to its Old Students’ Association (Shosa) president Hii Chang Kee.

For the second consecutive year, the school was among the top 10 schools in the nation in last year’s STPM examination.

The school obtained a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 3.35 with a 100 per cent pass rate.

Hii who is also permanent secretary to the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture, Youth and Sports said: “We are glad the school motto ‘Prayer and Labour’ continues to motivate the school to shine forth year after year.”

“Due to the diligence and dedication from the principal, teachers, Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) and Shosa as well as school board, the school provides a conducive learning environment in terms of facilities and motivation to allow students to excel in academic and extra-curricular activities.”

Dr Hii Sui Cheng

Sibu Rural District Council (SRDC) deputy chairman Robert Lau who is a former student and school management board member is proud of his alma mater.

“We must thank the dedicated staff for the hard work. I congratulate the family of the students who did well. The school board has been supportive by providing good environment and facilities to students.”

Lau noted that some of the students had entered SMK Sacred Heart after finishing Form 5 at other schools.

“We are thankful to those schools for providing the good foundation up to Form 5,” he said.

School board of management vice-secretary Yong King Sung thanked the school board for working with the school management team to provide a conducive environment for students to excel in.

“The great effort and hard work put in by the students is commendable. Good STPM result is just one chapter of student life. Most importantly, the school must shape good characters with qualities of leadership, honesty, responsibility and so on,” he said.

Yong called on students to remember that the school made them who they are today.

“Someday, when you are able to serve, come back to help Mother School like participating in Shosa and the school board of management,” he suggested.

School board of management secretary Dr Hii Sui Cheng said the school’s achievements for two years in 2016 and 2017 is for everyone to take pride in. Students, he said should be thankful to teachers and staff for their dedication.

“Never feel too proud of your achievement… be humble in your success. Be appreciative of the input of others and remember to give back when you have the opportunity to do so,” Sui Cheng advised.

Former student SRDC chairman Sempurai Petrus Ngelai hoped this will be an encouragement to other Sacred Heart School students to maintain the good record, and motivation for teachers to put more effort to make it number one in the country.

“This is not impossible as they have proven that with determination and commitment from students, teachers and parents, they can achieve more. It will be a catalyst for other schools and students from

Sibu to achieve more in their next year examination – be it PT3, SPM or STPM.

“Sibu and Sarawak in general need these bright students to become our future human capital to achieve our chief minister’s vision to modernise and develop the state with emphasis on the digital economy,” said Sempurai who was in Sixth Form in 1992.

A political secretary to chief minister, Romeo Christopher Tegong congratulated the school on its achievement in sports and academics.