Sunday, May 26

Cops on lookout for man who survived three-storey fall


According to witnesses, the man fell through this awning before landing on top of a car parked at the building.

MIRI: Police are looking for a man who survived a fall from the third floor of a shophouse block at Waterfront Commercial Centre here on Friday night.

According to one of the witnesses, he first heard a loud bang coming from the parking area of the building.

“When I went to check, I was surprised to see the man lying on the ground – and bleeding. I recognised him – he had been unemployed for quite some time, and is renting a room on the third floor.

“Other witnesses saw him jumping off the third floor, before falling through the awning on the first floor and landed on top of a car at the parking lot. Things would have been different if the awning was not there. We immediately contacted the hospital,” the witness said, adding that the man is an Indonesian in his 30s.

Paramedics from Miri Hospital arrived at the scene several minutes after receiving the emergency call. However as they were attending to the injured man inside the ambulance, he suddenly got up and fled.

“It happened so fast – we could not stop him,” said one of the paramedics.

A team of policeman arrived at the scene moments after a call was made. As at press time, the Indonesian man had yet to be found.