Monday, July 13

Show Sabah is backbone of Federal Govt – Abdul Rahman


INANAM: The coming polls is the best time to show that Sabah is the backbone of the Federal Government, said Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Panglima Abdul Rahman Dahlan.

“When we are the backbone of the Federal Government, we will produce a stronger voice on our aspirations.”

He said not only voters have to unite, they also have to choose the right ship to board in the coming general election.

“It is useless if we are united yet choose a small boat that will sink in rough seas, or board a leaking boat.

“We need to choose a large vessel that is stable, which is BN,” Abdul Rahman said when meeting with church leaders from Sepanggar here yesterday.

He said BN comprised different races and religions which were represented by their component parties.

He said there was no other party in the world that could rival BN in the number of races and religions it stood for.

Hence, Abdul Rahman urged the people to unite in supporting BN which in turn would lend a stronger voice for Sabah.

“This is a simple political strategy but that does not mean we do not appreciate the leadership of the Prime Minister.

“We are here to support the Prime Minister and Chief Minister.

“But we also want to become a loud voice so that the Prime Minister is able to hear us.”