Friday, April 26

Malaysian firm becomes the first in the region to announce IPO in US


KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian owned blockchain company (CSD) has made its mark in the region by becoming the first of its kind to announce Initial Public Offering (IPO) in the United States, as a step to Nasdaq.

CSD chief executive officer Nathaniel King stressed on the multi-growth potential of getting a blockchain-based investment listed in a global capital market.

He said, “A typical blockchain-based company may have only one type of market, probably through listing in different platforms. With CSD, not only will it be available in a blockchain-based market, it appeals to the capital market as well. We are ready and well prepared to be listed as an Initial Public Offering (IPO) in popular global financial markets”.

The emergence of blockchain technologies have successfully created means for the global public to spend, invest and transfer wealth easily at a much cheaper cost. However, the current investment adoption by the public is still not as large compared to current financial instruments such as stocks and contract for difference (CFD).

Recognising that CFD is a mainstream trading instrument, CSD created a blockchain-based financial instrument which includes a state-of-the-art CFD trading platform. This combination creates an innovative solution that further reduces investment costs, high return efficacies and/or customized investment portfolios and personalized financial services for investors.

These advantages are made possible as CSD identifies the potential of bringing current popular investment instruments like CFD to blockchain-based markets and platforms which undoubtedly will only grow at exponential rates.

Nathaniel also expressed his confidence that this winning combination will attract investors and traders who are currently active in mainstream investment/trading platforms whilst at the same time attract investors who are exposed to the prospect of investing in blockchain-based investment.

“Investing and trading in blockchain-based platforms are relatively new and foreign to many new aspiring individuals, which may prove unfamiliar and risky due to lack of understanding. This is in contrast with familiar investment instruments like CFD whereby the market is large and active,” stated Nathaniel.

He added, “With CSD, the answer is simple: Why not both? By introducing a familiar market into blockchain-based exposure with tremendous growth potential, investors/traders can now enjoy best of both worlds with CSD.” — Bernama