Large crowd at Sg Merah Chinese cemetery for Ching Ming


A long line of vehicles moving at snail pace on the road leading to the Sg Merah Chinese cemetery.

SIBU: The Chinese Tomb Festival falls on Thursday (April 5) this year but usually several weeks before the actual date families would visit the graves of their relatives and ancestors and clean them to mark the day.

The festival which is also known as Ching Ming (pure brightness) actually falls on the 15th day after the winter solstice.

It is not a religious festival but a day for the living to remember their dead regardless of their religions or beliefs.

A little boy helping his parent sell flowers by the roadside.

Those who stick to the traditional Chinese belief would bring offerings of food, drinks and burn paper replicas of cars, houses, clothes and daily necessities including money for the dead while others who are Christians or Buddhists offer prayers and bring flowers to the graves.

Yesterday being the last Sunday before the actual day a large crowd converged on the Sg Merah Chinese cemetery.

Business was brisk for florists who set up stalls along the road to the cemetery.