Saturday, January 22

Navy warship’s open day a big hit in Bintulu


Visitors queue for the opportunity to board KD Sri Indera Sakti.

BINTULU: A total of 12,351 people from all walks of life boarded the KD Sri Indera Sakti ship during its Open Day programme at Bintulu Port here yesterday.

Malaysian Armed Forces Veterans Association (PVATM) Bintulu branch chairman Shearack Sebli was among several local veterans who made it a point to visit the ship.

A visitor takes a ‘wefie’ of herself and her young child with an armed RMN personnel.

“All of us here are happy to be onboard the ship today (yesterday). During our service in the army, we used to be transported in navy ships from one location to another.

“The navy definitely plays a very important role in the armed forces,” he said.

Former Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) personnel Emang Ringkai, 53, who retired in 2013, said the arrival of KD Sri Indera Sakti here brought back many memories of his 25 years of service.

“This is the biggest multi-purpose command support ship that we have, and I believe the call to Bintulu Port can promote greater understanding among the people about RMN assets,” he said.

Meanwhile, 63-year-old Yusuf Hamdan, a former tugboat skipper with Bintulu Port Authority, said he was proud to see the ship anchored at the port.

Kong, his wife and their two boys pose in front of KD Sri Indera Sakti.

“I retired in 2010, but I feel very proud when seeing this ship berthed here. Although I have retired, the spirit and the passion still exists and, if possible, I hope to see more navy ships come here,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kong Kah Wui, 42, and his wife Wee Ching, 35, said they were proud to have the rare opportunity to visit the warship, saying the open day programme enabled ordinary folk to get an up-close-and-personal look.

As for Abdul Razak Hamdani, 50, yesterday’s visit was his second having first boarded the ship a few years back in Kuching.

“Since I had the opportunity to come here again, I made sure to not miss it. This kind of programme is definitely beneficial as it serves to promote the navy to the young people,” he said.

Samalaju assemblyman Majang Renggi officiated at the programme’s opening ceremony.

Shearack (second left), Emang (left), Yusuf (right) and others in a group photo during the open day of KD Sri Indera Sakti yesterday.