Masing to govt agencies: Develop support services for boat racing sector in Kapit


Masing (second left) having breakfast with (from left) Chuk Pai, Snowdan and Liew after holding an MRP cheque presentation for the benefit of 20 NGOs or associations.

KUCHING: Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Dr James Jemut Masing wants the relevant government agencies to develop support services for the boat racing sector in his hometown Kapit.

One particular service is assembling boat outboard engine parts, he pointed out.

Masing, who is also Baleh assemblyman, said he was impressed with some young people in Kapit when they showed him how they assembled dismantled parts of a boat outboard engine in less than an hour’s time.

“These youth are creating a spin off industry from the outboard engine boat racing activities. I was impressed with how they could assembled parts in less than an hour. They are mechanically-inclined youth. Therefore I want the relevant agencies or ministry to help these youth and also improve the development in boat racing sport,” he said when met at his Ministry of Infrastructure Development and Transportation office at Masja, Petra Jaya here today.

Masing also wanted the Youth and Sports Mininstry to look into the possibility of utilising the abandoned airstrip in Kapit for Go Karting sports.

On top of that, Masing said the sports ministry could also developed sports involving motor cross and boat sailing.

“All these are to help in diverting the youth’s attention from social ills or unhealthy activities like ‘Mat Rempit’ (illegal racing activity) in particular. With all these infrastructures put in place later on, the youth can then express their interest as well as harnessing talent in sports,” he said.

Masing was accompanied by Assistant Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Snowdan Lawan, Murum assemblyman Kennedy Chuk Pai Ugon and President of Sarawak Lawn Tennis Association Dato Patrick Liew.

Chuk Pai said reservoir at Bakun and Murum HEP dams are also good for several activities like boat sailing and nature photography Safari.

He said: “Apart from the flora and fauna, the Bakum Dam especially also provides panoramic view of numerous little islands.”

Like Masing, Chuk Pai also wanted the dams and surroundings be developed into sports -tourism spots.

Masing also pointed out that the Kapit Rafting Safari is now in its 23rd year and has been organised successfully.

With road linking Kapit and rest of Sarawak, Masing said he could foresee Kapit becoming a more vibrant town full of foreign tourists and domestic visitors.