Friday, March 22

Employers have no issue with staff going out to vote on May 9


KOTA KINABALU: Employers have no issue with their employees taking leave to vote on May 9, said Sabah Employers Association (SEA) president Yap Cheen Boon.

He said the bosses would have no issue if the government declares the polling day as a public holiday as it is every citizen’s civic duty to go out and vote.

“It is a citizen’s civic duty, so the bosses would have no issue if that day is a public holiday. But, if it is not a public holiday, the bosses would also have no issue with employees taking leave to vote,” he said.

If May 9 is declared a public holiday in Peninsular Malaysia, Yap said the same would have to be done for Sabah as our State has its own Labour Ordinance.

“As Sabah has different jurisdiction (on labour law) from Peninsular Malaysia, it is important that state agencies follow procedure and declare early for that day to be a public holiday in order for businesses to adjust scheduling accordingly,” he said.

The Election Commission (EC) yesterday announced that voting for the 14th general election (GE14) on May 9, which falls on a Wednesday. Nomination day for candidates will be on April 28, while early voting will take place on May 5.

Meanwhile, audit manager Julie Yu said she would still go and vote on May 9 with permission from her boss.

“Also, the purpose of it (polling day) falling on Wednesday might due to the result being more favourable for Barisan Nasional (BN),” she reckoned.

Assistant audit manager Terrie Wong echoed Yu’s views, adding that she would make it a point to vote on polling day.

“My boss should support us on going out to vote,” she quipped.