BN-led government will deliver, Rassau folk assured


Andrew Wong (left) with a wheelchair-bound senior citizen and a villager at Rumah Juan Sawing, Rassau.

SIBU: Only the Barisan Nasional (BN)-led government can deliver development projects such as better roads and better power supply, residents from nine longhouses in Rassau, Batang Igan have been told.

In this regard, local community leader Penghulu William Kanyan calls upon the people here to give their full support to BN candidate for Sibu in the coming parliamentary election.

“This is important so that Rassau will not be left behind in terms of development. This is also to ensure that we will receive more development projects in the future,” he spoke at a Rancangan Sibu 1 (RS1) ‘Team Community Programme’ in Rassau on Thursday, where RS1 committee chairman Dato Andrew Wong and his deputy Andrew Shilling were also present.

It is said that the Rassau area has more than 600 voters.

It is also learnt that the government plans to obtain power supply for Rassau, and also to construct a 16km road linking it with the town.

In this respect, Andrew Shilling said International Trade and E-Commerce Minister Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh, who is Bawang Assan assemblyman, had submitted to the relevant ministry the application for electricity supply to reach Rassau.

“We need to wait for the approval from the government,” he said.