Tuesday, June 25

Tuaran traditional musical instrument group, Sound of Lingga win gold


Sound of Lingga, the winners of Asean Cultural and Musical Festival.

KOTA KINABALU: Sound of Lingga, a traditional musical instrument group from SK Lingga Baru Tuaran, made the state proud after winning the recent Gold Award of Asean Cultural and Musical Festival.

The group, consists of year four, five and six pupils also won two subsidiary titles namely Gold with Honours Award and Best Performance, after beating 11 groups from Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand.

They were trained by teachers from the school led by Francisco Dungkim who said the preparation for the competition was done in less than two months after knowing they had been selected by the organizer.

“Sound of Lingga have been competing since four years ago and won several awards including Creative Music Gold Award in national level and also performed in a global world, where they have been chosen to showcase their talent in Melbourne Australia in 2004.

“All of their musical instruments were made by bamboo and other wooden material,” he said.

Group members of Sound of Lingga are Julie Valentine Duman (Suling), Veronica Saidi (Suling and singer), Allendra Kelsa Wandi (Babadon), Carolina Joemil (Babadon), Aevan Knell Wandi (Kajon), Eleazer Michael (Drummer), Ody Owell Henry (Sompoton), Nur Amyra Abdullah (Shaker) and Brian Linton Jelton (Bass Bamboo).

The event was held at Seberang Prai Politeknik, Penang.

It was co-organized by Universiti Sains Malaysia and Minden Height Primary School, Penang in collaboration with Penang National Department for Culture and Arts and Penang Teacher Institute.

“I am thankful for the full support from teachers of SK Lingga Baru especially trainers James Inson, Fauziah Sinon and Evan Nichol P.Dungkim, also the team leader Rosiah Rampun and lastly costume manager Jovilin Ismail.

“I believe activities like this will expose the children to the higher level of competition which will benefit them to grow up with fighting spirit, discipline and dedication,” he added.