Saturday, April 27

Polling booths open at 8am for 1,850 voters in Miri


Army personnel at 20th RAMD registering with the Election Commission workers before casting their early vote.

MIRI: Polling booths here opened at 8am yesterday to facilitate early voting where a total of 1,850 Royal Malaysia Police, Malaysian Armed Forces and General Operations Force (PGA) personnel and their spouses cast their votes.

The early voting were held at Miri Police Headquarters (IPD Miri), 20th Battalion of the Royal Malay Regiment (20RAMD), Battalion 8 Border Regiment (8RS) camp at Sungai Rait and 12th Battalion PGA Miri. The early voters comprised 786 personnel from the 20th RAMD, 121 personnel of 8RS at Sungai Rait camp, 413 (PGA) and 530 (IPD Miri).

BN candidate for Miri Datuk Sebastian Ting stopped by at IPD Miri, while Sibuti BN candidate Lukanisman Awang Sauni visited the 8RS camp and also the IPD Miri polling centre to look at the voting process.

Parti Islam SeMalaysia (PAS) candidate Zulaihi Bakar @ Anai Zulai also visited the 20th RAMD and 8RS polling stations to greet the voters.

(From right) Rose Nany, Winnie and Lemau show their fingers coloured by the indelible ink after casting their vote at PGA Miri.

For 51-year-old Rose Nany Renggi, 45-year-old Winnie Michael and 37-year-old Lemau Nyabong, who were among the voters at PGA Miri, the opportunity to vote was a responsibility that should be done by all eligible Malaysians.

“This is not our first time voting and we believe every Malaysian citizen should exercise their right to vote for our future’s development,” said Rose Nany when met yesterday.