Thursday, June 27

Rainwater a precious resource for Kg Lajong folk


Awang Rosli Awang Chee

Roziman Abdullah

MIRI: For villagers from Kampung Lajong in Niah, rainwater is a precious natural source for their daily use.

The village located near the coastal area of Sibuti, some two hours by road from here, is unable to rely on river water for their daily needs due to its salinity.

“It has been our aspiration to ensure more than 70 houses in Kampung Lajong are able to enjoy clean water supply,” said villager Awang Rosli Awang Chee, who was former chairman of the village’s Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) sub-branch.

“We have been waiting for such a clean water supply project for many years already, hopefully the state government will be able to make our dreams come true.”

The 69-year-old said villagers harvest rainwater stored in water tanks for their daily use, but this supply would be affected during the dry season.

He explained villagers would then have no choice but to purchase bottled water for their daily use.

Fellow villager Roziman Abdullah also hoped the government would make clean water supply for the village a priority project.

The former police officer also requested the state government continue efforts to tar-seal the remaining 3.5km of gravel road leading to the village.

He pointed out the low-lying gravel section also needs to be raised as it is frequently hit by floods.