Saturday, April 20

Tatau folk commended for not making prank calls


Gawai (seated, eight left) and Nazari (seated, seventh left) join Tatau firefighters and other guests in a group photo.

TATAU: The Fire and Rescue Department has commended the people of this district for their strong support and cooperation over the years, especially for not making prank emergency calls.

Tatau Fire and Rescue station chief Nazari Harun described the local folk as ‘being very responsible’ apart from being very responsive when it comes to assisting the firefighters during emergency situations.

“I would like to thank the residents of Tatau for such close cooperation, which I hope would be further strengthened,” he spoke during the International Firefighters Day 2018 gathering here recently, which also hosted Bintulu Zone Fire and Rescue chief (fire safety division) Gawai John who represented Sarawak Fire and Rescue Department director Nor Hisham Mohammad.

Meanwhile Nor Hisham – in a text of speech read by Gawai – called upon his men to always take effective measures in implementing duties or activities, slated for improving their professionalism as firefighters.

He also expressed his gratitude to the volunteer firefighters in this district for their support in helping the department give better service to the people.