Monday, June 17

Women have same rights as men — Jamit


Jamit (standing, fourth left), Angelina (standing second left) and Nancy (standing third left) pose for a group photograph with the recipients of the Quick Win (Pedicure and Manicure) products and guests.

KAPIT: Women have equal rights as their male counterparts in nation building.

Bukit Goram Jefferson Jamit Unyat said this when officiating at the closing ceremony of the Women’s Day and Wellbeing of Women Programme at the Kapit Civic Centre on Saturday.

He said the government acknowledged the important role of women in society by empowering them in various fields like politics, economy, administration, entrepreneurship, education and other aspects.

“Women play a vital role not only in the family institution but also in the development of the country. As we are aware, many women hold several posts in the associations or NGOs and yet despite the extra burden they are still able to manage their family,” he said.

The one-day programme was organised by Women and Family Development Council Kapit branch in collaboration with Kapit Women’s Institute, Kapit Sarakup Indu Dayak Sarawak (SIDS) and Kapit Chinese Women Association in conjunction with the National Family Month 1Malaysia celebration (Sambutan Bulan Keluarga Kebangsaan 1Malaysia – BKK1M).

He thanked the Women and Family Development Council Kapit branch headed by Datin Angelina Celestine Ujang and the various women bodies here for successfully organising the meaningful programme which he believed had brought positive impact to the womenfolk in Kapit.

He hoped that more such programmes with new activities would be organised in the future for the benefit of women in Kapit.

He was happy to note the encouraging response from women from various organisations, bureaus and political parties here to take part in the programme.

“This shows that you are willing to learn new ideas and the wellbeing of women. When you go back, share with your colleagues on what you have learned so that they could also gain benefit from the programme,” said Jamit.

“I hope that the talks given by the speakers covering topics on happy family would further inspire and motivate women towards creating a happy family in their respective homes. For me, if I have the opportunity this morning, I will make myself present to attend the talk as I feel that men also need to know how to create or make a happy family,” he added.

Jamit pointed out that healthcare is one of the vital aspects in a family.

“If you are healthy, the family is happy and productive. That is why the talk on cervix and breast cancer is important so that mothers are aware of the dangers of these killer diseases. Early detection of the diseases could help to cure and save the cost before it is too late” stressed Jamit.

Jamit also lauded Women and Family Development Council Kapit branch for introducing new ideas for the programme such as the ‘Kids Got Talent’ event.

“This is indeed a good event. It is something new but equally important that could help to unearth talents among children at an early age. It can help to expose the children’s capabilities and talents in various fields,” said Jamit.

On politics, Jamit called on the womenfolk who comprised more than half of the total voters in Kapit parliamentary constituency to give their full support to the BN-PBB candidate for Kapit, Datuk Alexander Nanta Linggi, and Datuk Wilson Ugak Kumbong, the BN candidate for Hulu Rajang.

“If all the parliament seats here are won by BN it would be very much easier for all the women bodies here to carry out their activities as the government through the elected representatives can provide the funding for their programmes and it would be much easier for the government to carry out programmes for the benefit of the womenfolk in Kapit,” said Jamit.

Angelina and National Census and Family Development Board director Rohani Ahmad also spoke at the function.

Later, Jamit cut an anniversary cake to mark the 56th anniversary of Kapit Women’s Institute and presented Quick Win (Pedicure and Manicure) products to 15 women entrepreneurs in Kapit.

Others present included Kapit Walikota Philimon Nuing, Jamit’s wife Nancy Kuyor, Seriah Thomas who is the wife of Pelagus assemblyman Wilson Nyabong Ijang, speaker of the programme councillor Florince Christy, chairpersons of the various women non-governmental organisations and bureaus from the nearby longhouses and villages. The function attracted some 700 participants.