Sunday, May 26

Employers obliged to give employees day off on polling day


KUCHING: Employers in the state are obliged to allow their employees to exercise their rights as voters, in observing the declaration by the state government that tomorrow (May 9) – the polling day for the 14th general election (GE14) – is an additional public holiday.

The Human Resources Ministry, in a statement released from Putrajaya yesterday, said the declaration was based on the provision under the Public Holidays Ordinance.

“In this regard, employers are obliged to allow the date (May 9) as an additional day off for their employees, as stated in Section 104(1)(b) Labour Ordinance (Sarawak Chapter 76).

“This public holiday is a paid leave, in addition to the 16 public holidays enjoyed by the employees in Sarawak,” the ministry said.