Tuesday, March 19

Musa slams opposition for calling BR1M ‘dedak’


Musa (fourth left) in a group photo with BN supporters in Gum Gum with Zakaria (left to Musa) and Juslie (right to Musa).


SANDAKAN: Chief Minister Tan Sri Musa Aman said that the opposition is heartless in calling BR1M as ‘dedak’ as there is nothing wrong with BR1M.

He was responding to certain quarters who labeled BR1M as ‘dedak’, which meant food for chickens.

“How could they call BR1M ‘dedak’? What ‘dedak’? BR1M is the government’s money to be given to the people. What is wrong with that? There is nothing wrong with BR1M. It is good for the Rakyat,” he said during the meet-the-people session at Gum Gum mile 16 here today.

He also said that Barisan Nasional (BN) receives overwhelming response from all over Sabah.

“In every place I visit in Sabah, the people’s response is great. The places were like blue ocean, with BN flags and supporters crowding the places.

“I believe that BN and the opposition parties have really big differences. We have the track record; we have proof that we had brought development to Sabah, while they do not,” he added.

Later Musa said that Wednesday is an important day for Malaysians. He urged the rakyat to exercise their voting rights as citizens.

“Choose the party which will give benefit and prosperity to the country; the party that could lead the country. I believe BN has the track record; a lot of development and progress were brought to the State. Hence, I believe that Sabahans know how to judge which party is the best for them,” he said.