Friday, April 19

Bersih warns elected reps not to betray voters’ trust


KOTA KINABALU: Bersih Sabah observed the Sabah political parties’ behaviour thoroughly and with growing indignance.

At first, no political parties made a move to form the new government, until Parti Warisan Sabah stated that Parti Solidariti Tanah Airku (STAR) supported them to form the new state government, but STAR later changed their decision and supported Parti Barisan Nasional.

“Soon after, we were shocked to read that 5 ADUN from UPKO supported Warisan, and later on, it was confirmed that 3 UPKO ADUN and 2 UMNO ADUN who stated their support for Shafie Apdal.

“Bersih Sabah would like to remind all political party candidates to hold on to the principle and trust from the rakyat who voted them based on the logo that they contested for.

“The frog culture only serves to destroy democracy because the rakyat will judge the political candidates as dishonest, opportunists, and have betrayed the voters’ mandate,” said the statement.

It added that what the rakyat want is change, not only in terms of changing the governing party, but also any changes that must be done according to democratic principle and accountability.

In short, the honesty of political players in playing their roles to developing the state.

“Sabah, as well as Malaysia in general, needs a strong opposition party to conduct the check and balance to ensure the new government carries out its responsibilities towards the rakyat with great transparency and diligence.

“Bersih Sabah urges the ADUN that command the majority of ADUN to be allowed to form the state government with great urgency. The 2-Chief Minister situation should not have happened,” it said.

Bersih Sabah also protests the betrayal of winning candidates to other parties.

According to Bersih Sabah, the candidates must realise that he or she was voted based on the party logo, principles and election manifesto bore by their respective parties.

“If they want to switch camps and join other political parties, they should step down and allow for by-elections to take place to see if they truly capture the support of the rakyat.

“Bersih Sabah hopes that the new state government will practice a governance of high accountability and transparency, as well as fair and professional ethics. The outdated political culture left behind by Barisan Nasional should be discarded and replaced with a more developed political culture and meets the principles of good governance and uphold human rights to protect human dignity.” It concluded.