Monday, March 18

Perak Constitution cannot be used to remove CM – lawyer


Ram Singh

KOTA KINABALU: The Perak Constitution cannot be used to remove a Chief Minister (CM) or swear in another CM whilst the first CM is still subsisting, said a senior lawyer.

Ram Singh said the precedent case and our State Constitution could be used as guidance for the situation but surely the public is questioning why do we have two CMs.

“We don’t know whether any advise given by the Head of State (TYT) on CM (referring to Tan Sri Musa Aman’s) status. Was there any audience given by TYT, any advice to say he (Musa Aman) doesn’t hold any majority in Assembly?

“If yes, any advice to resign (before the swearing in of Shafie). But TYT has no power to remove him,” Ram said when contacted via WhatsApp today.

Ram, who was commenting on the confusion of having two CMs in Sabah following the swearing in of Shafie two days after Musa was sworn in as Sabah CM, also explained that the next option is to convene the State Legislative Assembly which then the proper mode is to pass a vote of no-confidence in there.

“That is only my view, I may be wrong, ” added Ram.