Saturday, April 20

‘Panjang Seng’ underlines credentials with fourth leg win


SIBU: Red-hot favourite Ng Hong Man has underlined his status as one of Sibu’s top cueists by outgunning fast improving Steven Wong 3-2 (56-7, 9-53, 63-46, 45-60, 50-24) to win the fourth leg of the Swan City Snooker Championship at Executive 3 Snooker Centre last weekend.

Ng, winner of the second and third editions of the championship, pocketed RM1,000 while Wong bagged RM500. Mark Yeo and Ady Tiang were joint third, each taking home RM250.

The towering Ng, nicknamed ‘Panjang Seng’ admitted that he had to dig deep to overcome some uncharacteristic nerves before edging out Wong.

“It’s not easy and Wong has improved a lot in recent years and if he can keep this momentum going, he is possibly a champion in the making,” he added.

Ng took the first frame with ease but Wong surged back strongly to nail the second frame.

Ng regained the lead when he secured the third frame and could have finished the game had he not fumbled a red in the fourth frame.

Leading at 43-42, Ng failed to pot an easy red, hence allowing Wong to step in and clear the table.

In the 5th frame, Ng raced into an early lead at 10-5, 20-14 but Wong kept his composure and stayed within a striking distance.

Trailing at 24-37, Wong found himself hitting the brickwall as the balls refused to take his orders. With the colour balls remaining, Wong tried all sort of tricks to try to save the game but to no avail and it was just not his day.

A total of 36 participants took part in the championship organised by Sibu Swan City Recreation Club.

Of the 36 players, 11 are from Executive 3, 12 from Cueball International, nine from Southern Point and four from Centre Point.

The championship’s fifth and final leg is expected be held in July at Cueball International Snooker Centre.