Sunday, March 24

DAP suggests state road maintenance concessions be given to different companies


Wong (right) and Dr Yii seen during the press conference.


KUCHING: State Democratic Action Party (DAP) suggested that the concessions of state road maintenance be given to more than one company.

Speaking to reporters during a press conference today, Padungan assemblyman Wong King Wei commented that the state DAP have suggested that concessions should be divided into 10 regions (or packages) with each region being maintained by different companies.

According to him, the reason why there is a need to award the concessions to 10 different companies is because it enables the state government to compare the works by different companies.

“All this while the concessions of state road maintenance were awarded to only one company, which is CMS Roads Sdn Bhd, and their contract ends this year in 2018. We have many Sarawakian companies who can do the job of road maintenance so why only give to one company?” he questioned.

He also revealed that CMS Roads Sdn Bhd has been maintaining the state roads in Sarawak for 15 years and the ceiling contract sum to maintain all state roads in the state is around RM11 million per month.

Apart from that Wong also commented that state DAP also feels that there is no need for any company to acts as project manager that distributes the concessions to sub-contractors too.

The Borneo Post has reached out to CMS on this matter and is awaiting their response.

Meanwhile, he also wanted to know if the state government will award to the concessions for state road maintenance in open tender form.

This was because before this, the state government has been awarding the concessions to companies behind closed doors and never revealing them to the public.

“Our new federal government insists that all government contracts will only be done by open tender as this is to ensure that only qualified companies are selected to do the job. I hope that the state government will follow the federal government in its effort to have more transparency when it comes to serving the people,” he commented.

Also present during the press conference, which was held at the state DAP headquarters, was Bandar Kuching MP Dr Kelvin Yii.