Saturday, December 3

Fourth Tealive outlet in Sarawak opens


(From left) Chan, Loo and Erwin pose for a photo after the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

KUCHING: The fourth Tealive outlet in Sarawak, at Aeon Kuching Mall, was officially declared open yesterday by Loob Holding chief executive officer Bryan Loo.

At the event, he shared the success story of Tealive in Malaysia, Vietnam and in many other countries.

“We would also like to invite everyone to try our latest innovation Tealive+ , which comes in booster packets that can be easily added to your favourite Tealive beverage.

“There are four boosters to choose from –  collagen, antioxidants, energy and protein. Also included are wellness elements as some people say that bubble tea is not so healthy,” he said.

The energy booster is filled with Vitamin B and guarana extract. It provides extra energy and increases body metabolism. The protein booster is for gym-goers. It has whey protein and brocolli extract to enhance muscle strength.

Tealive staff hold the newly launched Tealive+ boosters.

The antioxidant booster is great for improving immune system and even repairs damaged skin. It contains acerola extract, noni fruit and multi-berries.

The collagen booster on the other hand is for beautiful-looking skin.

It is made using fish collagen which improves skin suppleness and prevents wrinkles.

Tealive+ was launched on May 14.

Loo was joined by Nucoz Sdn Bhd director and master licensee of Tealive in Kuching Anthony Chan, and Aeon Kuching Mall manager Erwin Octavious

Ranyes for a ribbon-cutting ceremony.