Monday, January 30

Consumers hope traders toe the line after abolition of GST


Mohd Helmie Kamrie

Muhamad Shazri Saudi

KUCHING: The public welcome the abolishment of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and the reintroduction of Sales and Service Tax (SST), but urge the implementing agencies to enforce strict monitoring to ensure that traders do not manipulate prices.

For 33-year-old Mohd Helmie Kamrie, the government will need to monitor prices before and after the introduction of SST, and to penalise traders who take advantage of the change of policy to make huge profit by increasing prices of their items heavily.

“I believe that the new government has a strategic plan to handle this matter, but the public just want their rights to be protected.

“This is to ensure that the change in policy by reintroducing SST will greatly benefit consumers as initially planned,” said Helmie.

Favouring SST over the GST system, Helmie said the latter is not fair as people of all levels have to pay for it.

“Even a student who purchases a bottle of mineral water has to pay for GST,” he said.

For Muhamad Shazri Saudi, consumers must realise that the change in the system means they need to exercise their rights and question traders if they feel that prices are manipulated.

“A taskforce needs to be set up and monitor these traders and those who are found guilty of profiteering under the new tax system must be penalised.

“I feel that these traders should be given a hefty fine as a lesson. Such system should bring prices down but it will not materialise if some traders only think about themselves,” he said.

For Ashley Goh, she welcomes the abolishment of GST but urges consumers to give traders time to adjust to the new system.

“It would take time for such adjustments but as long as the move by the government will benefit the majority, then we all should support it,” she said.