Thursday, September 28

Welfare Dept to resettle homeless former ‘gangster’


Yu is seen inside his makeshift hut at the park.

MIRI: The Welfare Department will help to resettle a self-professed former ‘gangster’, who has set up a makeshift hut of wood and cardboard at Lee Tak Park here.

Welfare officer Ruzi Kalong said Yu Tien Nguon, 47, would first be brought to Miri Hospital for a check-up before being transferred to a centre in Kuching.

“We visited the man, who was seen clad in short pants inside the shabby makeshift hut at a park after receiving a report from the public,” she told The Borneo Post yesterday when visiting Yu at the Miri City Council park.

“We talked to the man and he informed us that he is living alone there and could not afford to rent or live in a proper home.”

Yu told the welfare officers he is happy to undergo rehabilitation so he can earn a living, but sought to pay off his debts first.

“Give me until this Friday for me to sell the iron kept outside the hut,” the heavily tattooed man told the officers, who agreed to his terms.

Yu has apparently been living there for three months, and his last known address was in Pujut 5.

Ruzi (centre) and fellow welfare officer Siti Fatimah Buah interview Yu.