Tuesday, October 15

Education Minister seeks public feedback


Dr Maszlee Malik


KUCHING: Education Minister Dr Maszlee Malik’s team has set up an online form for the public to send in their feedback on ways to improve the education system of the country.

“Since there are so many suggestions being shared on comments and messages on the page, we have started an initiative to make it easier for the public to voice their suggestions or issues,” a posting read on the minister’s Facebook page today.

The form on Google allows the public to submit their complaints and suggestions to the minister.

According to MalaysiaKini, Dr Maszlee has earlier voiced his aspirations to improve the existing system through consultations.

“I am not here to impose regimentation or rulings on schools.

“Whatever school streams that we have, my vision is to try and connect them, to bridge them with one another.

“We want to celebrate our differences, we want to make it as a strength rather than as a weakness, and make it a unifying factor rather than a dividing factor,” Maszlee told the portal in an interview after his appointment as Education Minister.