Monday, February 17

Ten houses in Kotabaru hit by tornado


KOTABARU, S Kalimantan: Ten of houses in Teluk Kemuning Village, Pulau Laut Kepulauan Subdistrict, Kotabaru, damaged by tornado, AntaranewsKalsel reported.

“We got information from residents this morning,” said Secretary of Kotabaru Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD) Rusian Ahmadi Jaya.

The natural disaster in a coastal village about 120 kilometers from the district capital took place at 5:30 pm. Gripping atmosphere covered residents who are just performing Subuh prayer after having sahur meal.

The wind was spinning very fast and in a short time causes some trees fallen to hit residents’ houses. Not only that, the wind also fly the roofs of their homes.

“We confirmed to the police and got data from them.There are 10 houses affected,” said Rusian.

The average house affected by damage to the roof. Only a view whose condition is quite severe. Luckily there were no casualties in the insident.

Meanwhile, following up the natural disaster that occurred, BPBD Kotabaru will soon distribute emergency relief for residents whose homes become victims.

Tornadoes are particularly vulnerable to transition seasons as they are today. Where unpredictable weather changes often trigger extreme weather. In this week the potential for heavy rain and strong winds in Kotabaru is also quite high.