Thursday, April 25

HST is committed to improving populist economy in agriculture


BARABAI, S Kalimantan: The Government of Central Hulu Sungai (HST) district is determined to always prioritize the improvement of the populist economy, especially in agriculture, AntaranewsKalsel reported.

Acting Regent HST H A Chairansyah was speaking during a Ramadan safari meeting with residents of Hantakan Sub-district on Tuesday.

“We call on all levels of society to continue to work together to increase the people economic growth in agriculture, plantation and fishery for family welfare,” he said.

He reminded, because the government and community in HST have committed to refuse mines and oil palm plantations, inevitably they have to mobilize and develop populist economy through agriculture.

As the focus of district development, he said, the government is also trying to support and improve the agricultural sector. Starting from providing assistance tractors, plant seeds, as well as skill assistance through agricultural counseling team (PPL).

“Everything we do is solely for the welfare of the people to improve their economy,” he said.

In order to facilitate the farmers to sell the crops, the government also has built a modern business agro market that will become the central trade of agricultural products and plantations for Banua Anam (the area of six districts in South Kalimantan).

“God willing, if there is no obstacle in 2019 will come, the agro market business will begin to operate and can be used,” he said.

To the village government Chairansyah also advised to make the best use of village funds for village improvement, one of which is every village must have BUMDes (village-owned enterprise).

“With the existence of BUMDes a village will go forward and become independent and have the original income of the village itself,” said Chairansyah.