Friday, August 14

Greeting cards no longer the choice for Gawai Dayak


General store employee Octavia Fifi, 23, poses with some traditional greeting cards.

SIBU: Demand for traditional greeting cards for Gawai Dayak has dropped due to stiff competition from electronic greetings.

Among those attesting to the drop in demand is general store proprietor David Lau, who did not place orders for new cards this year as he still has many cards in stock.

“From my observation, only those senior people are getting the traditional greeting cards for Gawai Dayak from my shop,” he said.

Lau said traditional greeting cards would likely be phased out eventually.

“We still have the demand for traditional greeting cards not only during Gawai Dayak but other festivals like Christmas and Chinese New Year. But the takers are mostly people who are not so young,” he added.