Sunday, October 2

Kapit bazaar empty as villagers return to longhouses for Gawai


Photo shows a quiet Kapit bazaar yesterday after being a hive of activity over the past two weeks.

KAPIT: The last two weeks of brisk business for Kapit bazaar came to a halt yesterday as most villagers had returned to their respective longhouses for Gawai Dayak.

Roads that had been overcrowded with shoppers and vehicles looked quiet and sleepy yesterday.

Housing developer Datuk Yong Hua Sying said his workers had left for Gawai Dayak on Wednesday and would be on leave until June 11.

He said this is necessary to enable them to return to their respective longhouses for the celebration.

Yong said many shops in the bazaar, especially coffee shops and restaurants, would likely close as most of their workers would be away.

A coffee shop operator, who did not wish to be named, said business from Saturday until Tuesday was so good that each day’s takings were almost as much as for an entire week during normal periods.

Meanwhile, a check with the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism found there is ample supply of essential goods for the celebration period.

A spokesperson said retailers here have also adhered with price tag rules for all goods sold.