Saturday, May 25

Musa says he never travelled illegally


Update from Musa’s twitter account.


KOTA KINABALU: Tan Sri Musa Aman is presently seeking long overdue medical treatment and has not traveled illegally, said his legal counsel Zahir Shah.

“I wish to put it on record that Musa wishes to clarify that he had never travelled illegally and wish to state that his travels have always been via proper immigration channels,” Zahir said in a press statement today in response to an article published in New Straits Times, titled ‘Trouble for Musa, Jamal if they left the country via illegal routes: immigration DG’.

“As strongly advised by his personal physicians, Musa is presently seeking medical treatment, which is long overdue.

“Musa will be back as soon as his medical treatment is completed and his physicians are satisfied with his overall health condition,” he added.

Zahir reiterated that Musa has always been willing to give full cooperation and will continue to do so in assisting the authorities.

“Provided (that) it is carried out fairly and in earnest adherence to the rule of law,” said Musa’s legal counsel.

Earlier at around 5.30 pm today, a flood safety guide was tweeted out from the ‘missing’ Musa’s official twitter account @MusaHjAman after the abnormal heavy downpour caused flash floods across districts in Sabah.

Up to 10.40 pm the same day, the tweet, the first post since May 26, garnered eight Retweets and 22 Likes by netizens and mixed reactions from the Twitter world.

Some of the 18 comments were questioning Musa’s whereabouts, whilst one used the famous Chipsmore cookies tagline ‘sekejap ada, sekejap tiada’ (now you see it, now you don’t) to mock the state leader.

Another twitter handler asked if Musa was feeling fine, and added that many are looking for him, including the police, before finishing the tweet with “Komonnn Datuk, berani kerana benar..” (Come on Datuk, no fear with truth).

Only one @Hilmi75930312 tweeted: “Terima Kasih” (Thank You), thanking Musa for the tip.