Tuesday, March 26

Police finds identity of a female corpse in a plastic box


MARTAPURA, S Kalimantan: Banjar Resort Police finally found out the identity of a female corpse in a plastic box deposited at a mushala in Village of Pemakuan, Sungai Tabuk Subdistrict, Antaranews South Kalimantan reported.

Banjar Resort Deputy Chief Police Comr Police (Kompol) Ajie Lukman Hidayat in Martapura on Sunday said the identity of the victims can be known through fingerprints recorded in electronic ID card (KTP-e) data.

“The Inafis (Indonesia Automatic Fingerprint Identification System) team traced the identity of the victim through fingerprints and was known to be named Linda Wati, 32, an Anjir Serapat Timur resident, Kapuas District, Central Kalimantan,” deputy chief police said through the Sungai Tabuk Police Chief Adj Comr Police (AKP) Idit Aditya.

According to him, the crime detective unit is still conducting an intensive investigation to find out the perpetrator of the murder that stirred the residents of Sungai Tabuk.

“Identification officers have done the initial probe at crime scene and a number of eyewitnesses have also been questioned, especially those who know the initial discovery of the corpse,” he said.

Earlier at about 1:30 am a number of pilgrims who were following the tadarus (reciting) of the Al Quran encountered a middle-aged man who rode a motorcycle stopped in front of the small place of worship (mushalla).

Later, the man dropped the luggage of a plastic crib and told to leave the item because he would take the missed cell phone.

However, until Subuh prayer finished the motorcyclist did not return. Thus the pilgrims took the initiative to open the plastic box to find out what is inside.

“We suspect the contents are of the Eid package such as clothes or groceries, but after it was opened we saw the body and immediately reported to the police,” said Muslim, one of the witnesses.