Tuesday, October 15

FAS former sec refutes Posa’s allegation


KUCHING: Football Association Sarawak (FAS)’s former general secretary Abdullah Julaihi refuted an allegation of financial scandal during the time he was part of the FAS management board.

In a press statement today, Abdullah said it was not right for FAS president Dato Posa Majais to make baseless allegation to the media, specifically on the records of payments made to FAS in 2015 and 2016.

By right, the president should first sought clarifications from the executive members of the previous FAS management on the matter, Abdullah said.

“I therefore make this response as the General Secretary on behalf of the exco during the period mentioned. The statement by Dato Posa Majais is irresponsible and malicious.

“Being part of the former management of FAS, I wish to state that whatever payments in and out of FAS are all properly recorded.”

FAS account, he said, was properly audited and tabled at every exco meeting as well as at the Annual General Meeting.

“The allegation is totally baseless. If there’s any concern or clarification needed from the former management, Dato Posa could easily seek our explanation instead of turning to the newspapers,” he said.