Friday, July 30

Shell Malaysia gives out tenth round of grants for sustainable development


Wilfred (fourth right) and Prithipal (fifth left) pose for a photo with grant recipients.

KUCHING: Shell Malaysia yesterday awarded financial grants to six non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and community based organisations (CBOs) who will undertake sustainable development projects that will benefit communities across Malaysia.

On hand to officiate the award giving ceremony in Kota Kinabalu was Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Seri Panglima Wilfred Madius Tangau, who is also the State Minister for Trade and Industry.

In his speech, Wilfred commended Shell Malaysia for its continued effort in complementing the government’s effort to pursue its sustainable development agenda.

“Shell is a key player in the oil and gas industry not only in Sabah but globally and you set the example where local NGOs and CBOs can be helped to contribute in so many ways to the local community,” said Wilfred.

“As the Ministry in charge of industrial development it is our role to bring in more industries to the State as this translate to jobs creation, contribution to the gross domestic production and many other positive economic spin-offs. It must of course be done in a responsible and sustainable manner,” according to Wilfred.

“In our push for industrialisation therefore our development philosophy and policy would be to give due emphasis on environmental issues and harnessing our resources in a sustainable manner to ensure long term development.

“This could in fact be Sabah’s selling point. In order to stand out in this competitive world, Sabah needs a brand name if you like, and that brand is green,” he added.

According to Prithipal Singh, general manager of Sabah Shell Petroleum Company, the Shell Sustainable Development Grants was introduced in 2008 and since then it has disbursed almost RM4 million to 96 different projects across the nation.

“Essentially, these grants serve as a catalyst to jump start sustainable development projects undertaken by NGOs and community-based organisations. Grants are awarded to specific projects, based on the direct benefits to the community and the commitment shown towards sustainability” said Prithipal.

This year’s recipients that will undertake projects in Sabah are Symbiosis Consulting, Binturong Alam Ventures, and the1Borneo Wildlife Association. The projects revolve around the improvement of different fishermen community livelihoods, rehabilitation of slow lorises and other protected wildlife in Borneo.

“This is my first time receiving a Shell Sustainable Development Grant and I am extremely grateful for the chance to work with Shell and to suggest means of leaving a long lasting positive impact to the fishing communities of Pulau Gaya and Daat,” shared Rosalie Corpuz of Symbiosis Consulting from Sandakan, Sabah.

In Sarawak, Shell is partnering with Ai Brique Engineering and The Tuyang Initiative that focuses on preservation of indigenous culture. For Kuala Lumpur, Shell will work together with EcoKnights to run programmes that empowers urban communities to look after their waterways and waste management.