Tuesday, May 21

Animals in Lok Kawi Wildlife Park seems overfed – Liew


Christina (second left) inspecting the conditions of the zoo.

PENAMPANG: Minister of Tourism, Culture and Environment Christina Liew has refuted claims alleging that the animals in the Lok Kawi Wildlife Park were ‘dying of starvation’.

Instead, following a visit to the park on Thursday, Christina, who is also the Deputy Chief Minister had found out that the animals seemed to be overfed.

“The visit here today (Thursday) is an eye-opening experience for me. After days and weeks of the commotion about the status and stand of the wildlife park, my ministry officers and I decided to take a personal tour of this place.

“Overall I think that that we are quite happy with the condition. The allegation that the animals were dying of starvation did not seem arise because on the contrary, because some the animals looked like they are oversized. They are too fat,” she said, adding that the park has been kept quite clean.

When asked to comment on the proposal of establishing a second wildlife park in Sugud, Christina opined that there is no need to build yet another park as the current park could still accommodate all the animals. However, she agreed that there is a need to improve the current park’s facilities.