Sunday, August 25

S Kalimantan Police suppress traffic accidents


BANJARMASIN, S Kalimantan: South Kalimantan Police succeeded in suppressing traffic accidents during the mudik or Idul Fitri holidays mass-homecoming-travel this year till minimize the death toll,  AntaranewsKalsel reported.

“Alhamdulilah moments of mudik flows and backflows this year no cases stand out and they run smoothly conducive,” S Kalimantan Regional Police Chief Brigadier General Rachmat Mulyana remarked here, Monday.

Moreover, if you see the measurement of success of Operation Ketupat, according to National Police Traffic Coordinator, seen from the number of accidents that decreased, then South Kalimantan Police certainly considered successful.

Rachmat admitted gratefulness to the better public awareness in driving on the highway. He also saw the readiness of the police members on the field pretty good.

“My order to secure the mudik flow aand  backflow to suppress the potential of traffic accidents was done maximally and I appreciate it,” he said.

While the South Kalimantan Director of Traffic Police Sr comr E Zulpan explained, during the 2018 Centralized Police Operations Ketupat Intanwhich lasted 18 days from June 7 to 24 recorded only 15 cases of accidents with 8 victims died.

While the 2017 Operation Ramadniya recorded 25 accidents, 18 died, nine seriously injured, and 24 with minor injuries.

“For this year, the highest number of deaths are in Tanah Bumbu District, with two victims, while there are only one at other area,” Zulpan declared.

From result of analysis and evaluation, added Zulpan, the accidents then dominantly happened at 07.00 until 24.00. Factors caused were high speed or lost control and not careful. Also riders who are in a hurry to catch up for iftar, lighting non-functioning, missing road marks, and uphill roads, and rainy weather.

On the other hand, the number of travelers in South Kalimantan this year from various modes of transportation is recorded in the terminal 11,100 passengers for arrival and 18,288 passengers for departure.

For travelers who passed through Syamsudin Noor Airport there are 97,189 passengers for arrival and 119,034 passengers on departure. Last in the Port of Trisakti Banjarmasin carrying 4,908 passengers on arrival and 19,024 passengers on departure.