Monday, June 24

No fatal casualties in ferry overturned in Tapin


RANTAU, S Kalimantan: The capsized ferry accident in Sungai Puting Village, North Candi Laras Subdistrict, Tapin, at around 20:15 on Tuesday (26/6) night did not claim any lives, Antaranews Kalsel reported.

North Candi Laras Police Chief Second Insp (Ipda) Indra confirmed that there were no fatalities in the accident of the ship with the captain Anang Sahri (45), a resident of Sungai Puting Village.

“Alhamdulillah the captain and all passengers are safe,” he said.

While a truck that carries oil palm and two motorcycles which loaded the barge-ship have been successfully evacuated.

“At around 00:00 all the vehicles that fall down to the river with the ship we have managed to evacuate,” he said again.

In addition, the overturned crossing ship also has been successfully restored to its original position and repaired.

“Hopefully tomorrow (27/6) this ferry boat can be re-functioned, because this is very vital for people who want to go to Barito Kuala or vice versa,” said police chief.