Monday, June 17

Police’s Jukung parade sets MURI record


BANJARMASIN, S Kalimantan: A massive parade of jukungs, South Kalimantan traditional boat, which gathered more than 300 jukungs, held by the South Kalimantan Regional Police set the Indonesian Museum of Records (MURI) record and the Guinness World Record as well, Antaranews Kalsel reported.

“It is worthy not only of a national record (MURI), but also a world record (Guinness World Record). We gives high appreciation to this performance which never anyone held such as this before,” MURI’s Vice Director Osmar Sementa Susilo remarked here on Sunday.

Osmar submitted the MURI’s record certificate to South Kalimantan Regional Police Chief Brigadier General Rachmat Mulyana as the initiator of the parade in Siring Menara Pandang attraction.

Appreciation from MURI was also received by South Kalimantan Water and Air Police Director Sr Comr Gatot Wahyudi as the organizer of 320 jukungs parade.

Osmar assessed the record set in coincide with the 72nd Bhayangkara Day as special.

“We do not think it is easy to collect boats and pedals from mothers merchants in the Floating Market as many as this, even can make the configuration of various unique forms,” he explained.

Not only a matter of setting the world record, added Osmar, the positive thing gained from the activities in South Kalimantan this time is the concern of Police Chief Brig. Gen. Rachmat Mulyana to raise the typical culture of Banjar to appear to be a record.

“Of course this is a plus and we are very appreciative. In addition to its main duty to maintain security and public order, South Kalimantan Police is also very concerned about the peripheral communities of the riverside whose daily are selling fruit and vegetables by boat or in Banjar called jukung,” he said.

Rachmat Mulyana said Floating Market is an ancestral culture of Banjar tribe which is very unique and should be preserved.

The parade was centered in Siring Pandang Tower Jalan Piere Tendean Banjarmasin. Here also held blood donor and free circumcision for society as social services.

Also seen are the Directorate of Sabhara Police with various means of SAR which is transformed into an outbound game arena for children.